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China Luxury Network aggregates ongoing primary market research in conjunction with its parent company, Affinity China — a private network for high net worth Chinese individuals. Unlike other consumer groups in China, high net worth Chinese individuals guard their privacy closely, and are traditionally very difficult to directly access for market research purposes. By working closely with Affinity China and traveling with Affinity China members, China Luxury Network is able to gain extremely valuable insights for luxury brands.

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Released March 15, 2012: Serving the Global Chinese Consumer. This report details high net worth consumer preferences and trends with actionable insights and tactical recommendations for generating revenue and loyalty among China’s high net worth travelers.

“Brands need to stop thinking about China as a geographic market, and start thinking about Chinese consumers as a global demographic interacting with your brand in Shanghai and Wuhan, San Francisco and Paris. Once you understand Chinese consumers in this perspective, and recognize that branding and marketing to Chinese consumers is not a “market entry” issue, but a strategic global challenge, it completely changes the way you approach this emerging consumer.”

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Custom Research

In order to pursue deep dive research into specific topics and brands, CLN works with clients to undertake custom research projects according to client need. CLN also works with brands to combine custom consumer engagement events with custom research in order to create a “live petri dish” environment for luxury brands where they can test new concepts and receive real time feedback and insights.

Research Reports

China Luxury Network regularly releases syndicated research reports detailing key learnings and primary research for luxury brands. CLN’s research focuses on key strategic and tactical issues facing luxury brands and provides immediate actionable recommendations based on this research. These discrete recommendations are crucial when serving the Chinese luxury consumer — since their preferences change dramatically at least every six months.

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