Member Only Intelligence

China Luxury Network Member Only Intelligence

China Luxury Network provides a regular stream of highly focused and relevant intelligence on the Chinese luxury consumer, including:

  •  Interviews with established China practitioners in their domain of expertise
  •  Insights into Chinese luxury customers by China Luxury Network
  •  Best practices and recommendations for success in building loyalty with high net worth Chinese consumers
  •  Secondary market research and intelligence on the Chinese luxury consumer
  •  Statistics and reports about the Chinese luxury opportunity and its characteristics

Expert Interviews

Examples of expert interviews include:

  • Tips on Search Engine Optimization from one of China’s leading SEO advisory firms
  • Recent trends and insights into retail location in China from a Retail Location Veteran
  • Insight into apparel market entry from a senior apparel executives with more than twenty years of China apparel experience
  • Chinese tourist hospitality from Chinese tourist industry insider with more than 20 years experience
  • Weibo best practices from China social media advisory firm
  • Mandarin speaking sales associates best practices and tactics for success with recruiting firm
  • Celebrities and China with Chinese PR executive with more than 20 years experience in the market
  • Building customer loyalty with Chinese high net worth loyalty company exec

Industry Insights

China Luxury Network provides best practices and insights for luxury brands seeking to market and sell to high net worth Chinese consumers. Examples of insights include:

  • Payment solutions for Chines tourists: Ins and Outs of China Union Pay
  • Pricing Parity: Developing your global pricing strategy for Chinese tourists
  • High Net Worth Chinese and Privacy: Examining the issues underlying the need for privacy
  • Overseas education and the influence on High Net Worth Chinese travel and purchase patterns
  • Alternative asset investment classes for High Net Worth Chinese: wine, art, diamonds and real estate
  • e-commerce for luxury brands in China
  • Cultural do’s and don’ts

Luxury Market Trends and Statistics

CLN’s member only content also includes relevant luxury market trends and statistics, such as:

  • Reports from trusted third parties including government, tourism boards, banks, economists, consultants and universities
  • Statistics on market size, growth and performance
  • Best practices and examples of luxury brands targeting Chinese luxury consumers

China Luxury Network’s sole focus is on understanding and providing information and intelligence about high net worth Chinese consumers. Our member only intelligence provides a deep wealth of knowledge about this customer base and how to best meet their unique and rapidly changing needs.

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