China Luxury Network Membership Offering

If you are here, you already know.

Chinese consumers represent the biggest opportunity for luxury brands in a generation. Chances are you also know that winning their interest and, more importantly, their loyalty is not so simple.

Chinese consumers are unlike any other – their interests, influences, needs and desires are truly unique. And meeting these needs requires not only understanding them, but also amassing the resources and partnerships necessary to serve them.

Operating effectively in China requires a trusted network.  Our principals have more than 40 years of combined on the ground experience in China, and our network has been tested over time and honed to build relationships with trusted partners.

China Luxury Network Membership:

China Luxury Network is opening up its trusted network of partners and practitioners to its members, allowing members to accelerate their learning curve with Chinese consumers and China operations.

Whether your brand has been operating in China for decades, is just entering the market or is interested in targeting high net worth Chinese tourists, China Luxury Network can help you to better understand this nuanced consumer base, target your offerings and find trusted partners to execute on your vision.

China Luxury Network membership is targeted towards companies seeking to better understand the Chinese luxury consumer, develop and refine strategies to reach, convert and build loyalty with this consumer and to directly engage with this consumer via Affinity China and its membership base of high net worth Chinese consumers.

Membership provides companies with:

Intelligence: Access to all of China Luxury Network’s member only online intelligence, proprietary market research, CLN events as well as customized and targeted primary and secondary research.

Strategy: Tap into China Luxury Network’s years of experience serving Chinese consumers to tailor your China consumer strategy from brand building and digital to merchandising and loyalty programs.

Engagement: Engage with high net worth Chinese consumers both in China and around the world via Affinity China’s membership base of high net worth Chinese consumers.

Online Only Membership:
For companies or individuals who want to learn more about the Chinese luxury consumer, CLN has launched an online only membership to allow luxury brands to gain access to China Luxury Network’s member only intelligence, receive discounts on China Luxury Network research reports and conferences and access vendors, experts and talent via its network in China and around the globe. Additionally, members gain access to one trial offer to high net worth Chinese consumers via China Luxury Network’s parent company, Affinity China’s online platform.

Online Only Membership benefits:

  • Access to member only web content, including primary insights, expert interviews, secondary market research, trends and insights (download intelligence and events calendar here)
  • Complimentary receipt of China Luxury Network’s quarterly insights update
  • Discounts to China Luxury Network proprietary consumer market research (50%)
  • Discounts (20%) to China Luxury Network hosted events
  • Access to China Luxury Network of partners, vendors, practitioners, talent and experts in Chinese consumer service both in China and around the globe (download list of network expertise here)
  • One trial offer on Affinity China’s offers platform

Student Online Only Membership
China Luxury Network has a student rate for its Online Only Membership. Must be a currently enrolled student.

For pricing and more information about China Luxury Network membership packages, please email