China Luxury Research Reports, White Papers And Presentations 2012

There is a growing amount of very useful information on China luxury trends and research being released and shared.

For the convenience of our members, below is a curated a list of links to download interesting research reports, white papers and presentations related to China’s luxury sector and Chinese consumers. This list will be updated on a regular basis and new ones will be mentioned in the members only version of our weekly newsletter.



Serving China’s Global Luxury Consumer - China Luxury Advisors

Research by China Luxury Advisors conducted for the report included qualitative and quantitative consumer research with more than 100 high net worth Chinese consumers traveling in the United States, a comprehensive brand audit of more than 150 global luxury fashion brands to assess their presence in the Global Chinese Demographic, as well as interviews with Mandarin-speaking sales associates and boutique managers in luxury retailers around the world. Download an excerpt here.

Understanding China’s Growing Love For Luxury - Mckinsey & Company

In order to gain a better sense of this thriving market, McKinsey & Company conducted an extensive survey of over 1,500 luxury consumers across 17 Chinese cities in the Spring of 2010. This report highlights three key findings from the research. Download the report here.

2011 China Luxury Market Study - Bain & Company

“In less than five years, the Chinese consumer has transformed from a niche emerging market to a core target for global luxury brands,” said Bruno Lannes, head of Bain’s Consumer Products and Retail Practice in Greater China and lead author of the study. “We continue to see a phenomenal luxury goods growth story in China but are seeing some signs of market maturation.” Download the report here.

Luxury experiences in China - KPMG

KPMG’s new luxury report charts the changing motivations for luxury consumption among Chinese consumers and also includes case studies with executives from ten leading brands. Download the report here.

The Voice Of Luxury: Social Media and Luxury Brands in China - GroupM and CIC

“An essential requirement for understanding the wealthy elite in China is to understand how they influence and are influenced by the massive, unique, fragmented and dynamic social media landscape in China. By listening to their consumers’ talk about luxury and understanding China’s online cultural context, luxury brands can develop a more impactful communications strategy, including leveraging a luxury voice on Weibo (microblog), which resonates with their consumers in meaningful and appropriate way.” commented Sam Flemming, Founder and Chairman, CIC. View the full report here.
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