CLN’s Advisory services provide global luxury brands with the “what” and “how” to access the fastest growing luxury market in the world.

In addition to providing access to its network of trusted partners, CLN works closely with prestige companies to contextualize the China opportunity within the organization, provide intelligence on the market potential for each brand and tailor market entry, brand, retail and digital strategies.

CLN’s advisory services include:

Chinese Tourist Strategy: CLN works with luxury brands to develop comprehensive strategies to attract, convert and build loyalty with Chinese consumers as they travel around the world. Work includes identifying marketing strategies and partnerships, assessing merchandising and pricing strategy, in store service, sales promotions and designing and refining loyalty programs.

Custom Consumer Engagement Opportunities: In conjunction with its parent company, Affinity China, China Luxury Network works with brands to create custom consumer engagement events, allowing luxury brands to not only directly reach high net worth Chinese consumers, but to test ideas and learn from the engagement via China Luxury Network’s custom research and feedback as a trusted partner to the consumers.

High Net Worth Chinese Consumer Insights
: China Luxury Network conducts custom research with high net worth Chinese consumers for clients. By partnering with Affinity China, China Luxury Network gains trusted access to this highly private and difficult to reach consumer base, providing luxury brands with invaluable insights.

China Digital Strategy
: China Luxury Network works with brands to develop their China digital strategy and jump start and oversee execution. Whether you have hundreds of stores in China or will never have a physical presence in China, digital is a key channel for low cost, high ROI brand building with Chinese consumers.

China Strategy Workshops/ Working Sessions: CLN works with companies to contextualize the China opportunity and strategy internally, facilitating internal workshops, training and strategy sessions to align thinking around the unique nature of the Chinese consumer market.

China Market Entry: China Luxury Network works with brands to enter the China market — from assessing the market opportunity to finding and vetting distributors to assisting in set-up and inception of a China entity.

In addition to the above advisory services, China Luxury Network partners with its extensive network of practitioners to offer a wide range of advisory services for luxury brands seeking assistance with this unique and often challenging market.

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