China Luxury Network is a private newsletter for the luxury and travel sector focused on sharing well curated insights by China experts and  interviews with real Chinese consumers.

Over 60% of luxury goods purchased by Chinese are bought while traveling overseas. Over $102 billion was spent by Chinese during their over 83 million trips abroad in 2012. These statistics from research reports have been widely circulated in the media in the last year. They are effective in presenting a macro view of the impact that Chinese consumers are making on the luxury and travel industry. However, those in the industry can not rely on research reports and news articles alone for their China strategy. Nuance has always played a tremendous role in putting the Chinese consumer market into context. Understanding China’s nuance does not come from white papers or mainstream media. It comes from honest insight from actual Chinese consumers and expertise shared by those with several years, if not decades of on the ground experience in China.

In 2012, we launched the China Luxury Network newsletter as a way of sharing with our partners the first hand insight we’ve gained from the affluent Chinese consumers in our own network. Today, it’s become essential weekly reading for thousands of executive in the luxury and travel sector worldwide.

China Luxury Network is a division of Affinity China - an international lifestyle platform for independent Chinese travelers.

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