The US Welcomes Chinese Tourists In America

The US Welcomes Chinese Tourists In America

While the local economies of many countries such as France and Australia have benefited from an increase in Chinese tourists in the last decade, restrictive visa policies have placed the U.S. behind the curve in attracting Chinese tourists in America. In recent years, the U.S. administration has begun taking the initiative to increase tourism to the states as part of a comprehensive effort to spur much needed job creation. The following is a curated list of articles that provide insight into the efforts of the U.S. to attract more Chinese tourists.

Luxury Stores Pull Out Mandarin Phrase Books to Make the Sale

Over five days in January, a group of visitors to New York was treated to a private concert with the pianist Lang Lang at the Montblanc store, cocktails and a fashion show attended by the designers Oscar de la Renta and Diane Von Furstenberg, and a tour of Estée Lauder’s original office. Read full story at New York Times.

Chinese travelers are seeing the USA in record numbers

Eager to spend their growing disposable income, travelers from mainland China’s wealthy and rising middle classes are traversing the globe in search of iconic destinations they can cross off their bucket lists. Read the full story at USA Today.

Chinese tourists to get US visa easier

WASHINGTON — Chinese travelers to the United States will enjoy upgraded visa service soon as US President Barack Obama Thursday announced a new initiative to boost tourism.
As part of a comprehensive effort to spur job creation, the administration mapped out a national strategy to make the US the world’s top travel and tourism destination. Read the full story at China Daily.

Year of the Dragon Boosts Chinese Tourism to U.S.

SAN FRANCISCO – People in China traditionally head home for the lunar New Year holiday, marking one of the largest annual human migrations on the planet. This year, however, a growing number are opting to travel abroad, bringing in new streams of tourism revenue to destinations in the Bay Area and across the country.
Read the full story at New America Media.

Number of Chinese tourists to USA doubles after loosen visa policy

During the past Labor Day vacation, the number of Chinese tourists going to US doubled because of the new visa policy. Those who managed to get a travel visa will have access to a multi-visa approval without an interview for four years. Because of this, longer themed tour are becoming more popular than trips to major cities. Read the full story at SCMP.

Tourism Seen Adding $850 Billion With Obama’s New Visas

Obama signed an executive order Jan. 19 giving the Department of Homeland Security and Department of State 60 days to come up with a plan to process visa applications from China and Brazil more quickly. The order recommends shortening the process to three weeks from four months. Visa processing capacity in China and Brazil must be increased by 40 percent in the next year, according to the order. Read the full story at Bloomberg.

Stores Push for Chinese Tourists

The luxury business is counting on Chinese demand to drive growth—but a big chunk of that spending isn’t happening in China. Chinese tourists are an increasingly important part of the equation, and U.S. retailers are feeling left out, thanks to a clunky visa process that can force would-be tourists to wait months for permission to travel. Read the full story at WSJ.

Purchasing Power with Passports

“I want to visit America because it is a superpower,” Tian says, now a recent college graduate from Sichuan University. Despite being denied a visa twice, Tian remains determined. “I am a big Lakers fan, I watch Gossip Girls and love to drink Starbucks. My daily life is very influenced by the United States and that is why I want to visit.” Read full story here.

Why Chinese Tourists Are The ‘Dream Consumers’ For The Luxury Retailers Of Fifth Avenue

06,000 tourists visited New York from China and Hong Kong last year, up from just 59,000 in 2002, Crain’s recently reported.

And the typical Chinese tourist stays an average of 11.3 nights in the city, and spends some $3,297 per visit, according to the latest numbers from the New York Convention and Visitors Bureau. Read full story at Business Insider

Bergdorf Goodman Hosts Fashion Show, Designer-Studded Party for Wealthy Chinese

Bergdorf Goodman and a cadre of New York designers treated a group of wealthy Chinese tourists to a week of fashion-packed activities called Dragon Week NYC.

According to a press release by Affinity China, the group that organized the week-long affair, Chinese guests on the tour were treated to a variety of exclusive events. Read more at NBC.

L.A. rises to No. 2 destination in U.S. for overseas visitors

Los Angeles has overtaken Miami as the U.S. city with the second-highest number of overseas visitors, behind only New York.

The latest statistics from the U.S. Office of Travel and Tourism Industries show Los Angeles had a 33% increase in overseas visitors in 2010 compared with 2009. The number of such visitors to Miami increased 17% in the same period. Read the full story at the LA Times.

Chinese Tourists in Hawaii

Although they make up a tiny fraction of the 7.2 million visitors overall that Hawaii saw last year, their numbers are growing quickly—from 28,664 in 2001 to 79,531 in 2011. Just as China’s economy surpassed Japan’s as the world’s second-largest in 2010, so, too, could the number of Chinese tourists in Hawaii someday surpass the number of Japanese tourists. Read the full story at Honolulu Magazine.

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