International Hotels Are Catering To Chinese Tourists

International Hotels Are Catering To Chinese Tourists

Recognizing the growing trend of outbound Chinese tourism, major hotel brands are going to great lengths to accomodate Chinese tourists. From an increase in Mandarin-speaking hotel employees to Chinese breakfast options, the following is a summary of insights on how the hospitality sector is adapting to the tastes and preferences of the Chinese traveler.

At US hotels, Chinese treated to comforts of home - AP

Now arriving on American shores in unprecedented numbers thanks to a streamlined visa process and a rising Chinese middle class, Chinese tourists are being treated to the comforts of home when they check in at the front desk. Read the full article at AP

How US Hotels Can Tap into Growing Demand from China. - 4Hoteliers

The U.S. Travel Association bills its annual International Pow Wow as “NOT a typical trade show.” That’s quite an understatement, given the turnout at the event last month at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Read the full article at 4Hoteliers

Hilton, Starwood hotels give Chinese travelers the comforts of home - LA Times

At the Hilton Los Angeles/San Gabriel, the aroma of green tea mixes with the scent of fried crullers and rice porridge at the breakfast buffet. Read the full article at LA Times.

Hilton, Starwood and Marriott Cater to Chinese Tourism Boom - Brandchannel

Hilton Hotels & Resorts, vying to be considered the global leader in hospitality, has developed “a tailored experience for Chinese travelers that takes its name from the Chinese word for ‘welcome.’ Read the full article at Brandchannel

American Hotels Embrace Chinese Business Travelers - NYT

…major hotel brands are starting programs to compete for the Chinese business. They are updating menus, hiring bilingual people for their staffs and even offering access to Chinese television stations, anticipating that the number of Chinese visitors will continue to grow in coming years. Read the full article at NYT.

Hotels making room for Chinese workers -The National

The increase in the number of Chinese tourists visiting the UAE has encouraged hotels in the Emirates to recruit more staff from China. Read the full article at The National

“Tourism Spring” For Dubai As Chinese Tourists Arrive En Masse - Jing Daily

In Dubai, famously attractive to newly wealthy tourists from places like Russia, Chinese tourists are now one of the fastest-growing groups, and the sheikdom’s lavish hotels and malls are moving quickly to ensure they extract as much cash from these visitors as possible. Read the full article at Jing Daily

Why Breakfast Matters for Chinese Tourists - WSJ

The Chinese-speaking call centers for, an online hotel reservation company, are inundated with one question: What’s for breakfast? Read the full article at WSJ

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