GroupM China & CIC: The Voice Of Luxury

GroupM China & CIC: The Voice Of Luxury

A collaborative research effort by GroupM Knowledge China and CIC has unveiled Chinese consumers’ behavior and interests in interacting with luxury brands in China.

Using the foremost social media analytical technologies to collect over 2.7 million consumer comments in the Chinese social media arena, the research findings help advertisers in the luxury industry to navigate the complex culture and fragmented landscape of China’s digital space, and to effectively participate in the conversation.

“It has been estimated that China will command some 20% share of the global consumption of luxury goods by 2015. Fuelling this lust for luxury is China’s ever growing population of multi-millionaires. The 2011 GroupM Knowledge-Hurun Wealth Report revealed that there were 960,000 people in China with a personal fortune in excess of RMB 10 million in 2010 - an increase of nearly 10% over the previous year. Without a doubt, China has become a most attractive market for luxury brands,” said Lucy Zhang, Futures Director, GroupM Knowledge.
 Thus, it is crucial to find a voice in complement with the brand’s core values and personality on China’s most influential and effective platform.
Download the report here.

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